Zelia Travel System Review

Zelia Travel System Review
We are so excited to partner with BabiesRUs Canada again!! They have been so great to work with and I’m really proud to be working with them. I know some people were a bit worried about them closing their doors but rest assured, BabiesRUs Canada and ToysRUCanada are here to stay!!
The thing I love the absolute MOST about working with them is that they want me to give real, genuine and truthful feedback to share with you, friends! So, although this isn’t my absolute favourite stroller, I can say it’s honestly William’s favourite. And when it comes to a stroller, does it actually matter what the moms likes? If the kid enjoys sitting in it, IT IS A WINNER!
Wanna hear something amazing? So William is a huge introvert when he’s around anyone other than close family. We went to an expo last weekend (just Georgia, myself and William – yeah I’m crazy). We were there for 3 1/2 hours!!! And William sat the entire time. I mean not once did he get up from that stroller. He played with toys and ate so much of the vegan cashew cheese I bought and just people watched. He didn’t even ask to watch a show! William was incredibly well behaved!! Georgia is a little bit different, she’s more of a fireball and we love her sparky personality.
Anyways. If my two and a half year old can sit for 3 1/2 hours in a stroller there must be some magic that went into the making of it! So, here are the top 3 things I love about our MaxiCosZelia StrolleTravel System:
1. It is so easy to maneuver. It is definitely the easiest stroller to move around that
we have. William played with the stroller for AN HOUR after he and Michael first put it together. It took the two of them between 5-10 minutes to set up. Quick and easy! It is also really lightweight, at 21 pounds, so it is easy to push with one hand because let’s face it… I ALMOST ALWAYS CARRY GEORGIA. She’s the crazy kid in the family so there should be one hand on her at all times.
2. I love the bassinet feature. William loves to sit in it and relax. It’s easy for him to
be in there while we run in and out of places. The bassinet can easily transform to the sitting position in a matter of seconds but the bassinet position is William’s favourite. Now, if only I could get my kids to figure out how to nap on the go to make my errands even easier!
3. I love the colour. This might sound super silly but I always go for blacks or
neutrals. Anyone else like me? (I know you are!!). But with this blue colour I feel so
happy when I put them inside. It really brings out the kids eyes so it makes me extra love their eyes when they are in it. Both of my kids look really good in blue too! It also reminds me of the sea and Bali… and how we leave in less than two months (for more than two months!) and I just can’t believe it. I didn’t realize this blue coloured stroller could be such a gentle reminder of a few things that make me incredibly happy!!! So next time you get a new stroller or car seat, maybe try a new colour… Maxi-Cosi always has such fun colour choices.
A couple other things to note is that the MaxiCosZelia stroller Travel System has a bucket seat that can you can quickly transfer from car to stroller. If you don’t want to use the Mico 30 Car Seat, the stroller has quite a few different sitting positions! You can have your baby face you, or face out! And on those sunny days there is an extendable canopy to help protect your sweet precious babe from the sun!!
I hope you found this info helpful! I wish I knew more about strollers when we bought our first one. We bought one of the most expensive ones and I realize that the most expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best!!!
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