Trailer Reno – Entrance featuring Wayfair.

I am so excited to show you this reveal!!!! I am just so happy with how it has turned out. I am so grateful to Wayfair for their help in making my vision come to life!!! I hope you love it!

We have made a lot of mistakes while renovating the trailer. Some small, some expensive. I also like to CHANGE MY MIND constantly. It drives Michael crazy but he makes the changes I ask for… and I make him dinner and guiltily hand him a beer with a shy smile.

Most of the projects done in the trailer have been because of him. I do the painting & I have the vision – he does just about everything else. For the “front entrance” area, we completely redid it after our first summer in it. Then redid it again the next summer…. it wasn’t right until it was right. Kind of like “when you know, you know!!!!” And now, I am keeping it like this!!!! – Don’t look too closely because we haven’t finished every detail of this room but I had to share because I am so proud of the progress we have made so far!!


I have spent a lot of time on Wayfair finding the perfect items to make our tiny trailer a home. I partnered with Wayfair for these two gifted products and I’ll tell you, I would buy them any day of the week!!!!

I went with Yedinak Modern Distressed Accent Mirror in Brass size 42″H x 42″W and I am so glad I went with the bigger size. I didn’t want it to overpower the wall but I believe it makes it look bigger and makes the space look “grander” – sounds silly saying that about the small trailer space but I think it is true! I wanted the brass one because I really thought I was going to paint the wall that the mirror is on, BLACK! I am glad I didn’t… but we will see how I feel next summer….

I would 100% recommend this mirror! I LOVE it in the space and I love the detail at the top. It was a bit tricky to hang in the trailer because it is so heavy but my handy man husband came to the rescue! Love you boo!


We also ordered the Louisa Bar & Counter Stool set of 2 and I wish we ordered 2 more!! They are stackable and really easy to use for different things. The kids love being up at the counter to eat or just hang out while I cook. They are the perfect height for our counter! If we had ordered 4 instead of 2 I would use 3 at the counter and 1 for a plant stand or side table next to the couch. I love multipurpose pieces like these. I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for white stools.


The stools also work well as part of forts, hiding places, boats, trains, etc. In small spaces with less “stuff” the kids and I were able to let our imaginations run wild. I highly suggest spending some time living tiny – even just the summers like us. And if you add some beautiful home pieces into the mix like these stools and mirror! – We also bought a rug off of Wayfair for the kids bunkhouse – more on that soon when I post a bunkhouse reveal! – I love this tiny space so much.

Thank you, Wayfair, for making it feel even more like home!

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