Pampered Parent Friday at Metro Dental

Pampered Parent Friday at Metro Dental

So, you know how some people really dislike going to the dentist? Well Metro Dental might have figured out a way to change your mind and have get you excited to go for your cleanings! Metro Dental in Country Hills, NW Calgary, has this amazing program called “Pampered Parents” on different Fridays of the month.  On these days you can come with your littles and have a stress free dentist appointment… or as stress free as dentist appointments can go.

You will be happily greeted by the staff who are seriously so nice. They have a nespresso machine waiting for you so make sure you arrive early to enjoy a cup before the actual fun starts. It is important to note that Metro Dental has staff who are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

You can bring your children back to the child minding area that they use for these special days. Metro Dental has an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) to care for you children. There are treats and drinks to keep your kids happy as they play, play, play! My kids had a BLAST… William honestly didn’t want to leave. There was a wonderful lady there to do face painting and keep the kids happy with painting and stickers. William was pretty jazzed… Did you see the video where he says “chomp, chomp, chomp!!”? He still does it and thinks it is hilarious.

Since you’ll be a bit early, and your kids will be carefully watched in a safe room, you will be treated to a massage. YUP, you read that right. I was given a massage before my dentist appointment and it was so amazing! That day, Mike woke up at 2am to drive home from Fort McMurray and he was also treated to a 10-15 minute massage! It is called “Pampered Parent” and both mom and dad or both are welcome to come!!

They will bring you to your chair, get you comfy so you can watch your show and not talk to you except to ask if you are doing okay. I watched Grace and Frankie and it was probably the most inappropriate episode ever and I was laughing so hard while getting my cleaning done. It was really awesome… I barely felt like I was getting my teeth cleaned.

Next up was Georgia who was less than thrilled to get her teeth cleaned. She doesn’t like anyone looking in her mouth, getting her teeth brushed or anything to do with her mouth – more now than ever because she’s fiercely teething. Tin was so patient and friendly with her despite her cries. He just counted her teeth and gave her teeth a quick wipe.

Then it was Williams turn. He had had such a fun time playing that he was happy to get his teeth cleaned. Tin made sure that William was comfortable and happy before starting. He took the time to explain to William was he was doing inside of this mouth. I really appreciate this because we are parents who always talk our kids through situations so they feel more comfortable. William didn’t cry or complain for one second of his first cleaning and I couldn’t believe it but I am so proud. William watched planes while his teeth were being cleaned.

Lastly, they give the kids toys to take home. And I mean toys, not just a toy. They were so generous and gave William the airplanes he was playing with while I was getting my cleaning. Georgia left with a mini barbie and a purse and William also picked a lego dinosaur. I usually don’t like getting toys but these are good quality and the kids have great memories playing with them. Every time (every. single. day.) that the kids play with their airplanes they are reminded of their great dentist experience and I think it is really important to build that trust, especially at a young age.

At Metro Dental, they really care for you and your family and it feels very genuine. We are so excited to go back…. William especially!

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