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Pampered Parent Friday at Metro Dental

So, you know how some people really dislike going to the dentist? Well Metro Dental might have figured out a way to change your mind and have get you excited to go for your cleanings! Metro Dental in Country Hills, NW Calgary, has this amazing program called “Pampered Parents” on different Fridays of the month.… Continue reading Pampered Parent Friday at Metro Dental

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Nungnung Waterfall with our Lillebaby Carrier

Let me start by saving we didn’t do much research about the Nungnung Waterfall before our driver took us there… I googled a photo of it and said “SURE, it looks gorgeous, let’s go!” I wasn’t mentally prepared for over 500 gigantic, uneven stairs down to the waterfall…. or the 500+ stairs to get back… Continue reading Nungnung Waterfall with our Lillebaby Carrier

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Zelia Travel System Review

We are so excited to partner with Babies“’R”’Us Canada again!! They have been so great to work with and I’m really proud to be working with them. I know some people were a bit worried about them closing their doors but rest assured, Babies“’R”’Us Canada and Toys“’R”’Us Canada are here to stay!! The thing I love… Continue reading Zelia Travel System Review