Back Bunkhouse Reveal

Back Bunkhouse Reveal

Our living situation is unique. Michael lives and works out of town, we have been renting out the townhouse we own for almost 4 years, we live at my parents house – but my parents live in another province – and we live with my sister. So, the only place that has felt like OURS from the moment we bought it has been our trailer.

We don’t travel around in our trailer on weekends like other people might… we usually spend summer in it on land just North of Fort McMurray, where Michael works. We (Michael) have changed so many things in it over the last 3 years – bless Michaels heart – because I change my style and vision for our little home on wheels so frequently – WHOOPS.

I wanted to share our back bunkhouse with you before I go and change my designs again. So far, I am shocked by the transformation! We want to do more things to it like finish touching up paint and hopefully rip out the carpet but for now, it works beautifully for us. See before photos of the bunkhouse HERE.

What really started the reno in the bunkhouse was the arrival of our new Endy beds! WHICH ARE SO COMFY – if you have ever slept on a trailer mattress you know they are pretty atrocious. So these beds are like heaven in our fifth wheel. (Thank you Endy for these amazing gifts!)

The trailer is such a small space so we needed to make sure it was functional without the bulk but welcoming with comfort and personality. That is why I captured some of the kids favourite books (that are usually in their beds or thrown on the floor with their toys) and the man lift that was given to William from a good family friend. Terry the T-Rex was given to William from his Gramma and is so special because she bought it in Drumheller and can’t wait to take the kids to the Royal Tyrrel Museum (Georgia got a Triceratops). Not pictured are the toys. We have TOYS. They are in the bottom drawer of the Ikea dresser in their bedroom – and one bin in the living room that is used as a stool – foot rest – side table – decor – everything and anything. Living tiny (or summer-ing tiny) means having things that are multipurpose. Georgia’s clothes are in half of the top drawer, William’s are in the other half. In the middle drawer are their bathing suits, coats, hats, shoes and diapers/wipes (Georgia is 90% potty trained now – imagine what I can do with all that extra room now!!!!)

Remember to keep things functional but still personal if you are working with a small space. That salt lamp is (to me) a pretty piece but it is the kids’ night light. The noise maker is on the top shelf – still able to be reached, simple and works so well for us (we have about 7 of these spread between Calgary, Moose Jaw, Arizona and Fort McMurray). The kids bought Michael the “But First, We Nap” book for Father’s Day. They laugh together while reading it… Michael loves Sloths! The “Kitty” on the chair Michael bought for Georgia when she had a fever or 104F when she had a UTI and kidney infection this summer.  The BEAR that William painted is his piggy bank. *William painted this piggy bank at a summer camp in Fort McMurray. He doesn’t often come home with crafts because he prefers to play independantly and when I saw it I was THRILLED. The first thing that came out of his mouth was that he didn’t paint it properly and it made my heart sink. I really hurt for him. I told him I thought he did a wonderful job – then asked what I usually ask “did you do your best?” BECAUSE THE REST DOESN’T MATTER. So I knew I needed to display it to show how much I loved it (and him) so here is his amazing, perfectly painted bear piggy bank.*


Beds, Mattress Protector & Sheets: Endy
Throw Pillows: Woven Nook
Rug: Wayfair
Woven baskets: Thrifted
YL Eseential Oils: @catherinesessentials