Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge

Getaways to the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge are a family favourite. The kids constantly ask to go to “the hotel with the slides and the bear” aka the Pomeroy. If you haven’t been, we highly recommend it. If you aren’t from around here and you want to visit our beautiful Rockies – add this to your list of MUSTS!

There are many different types of rooms you can stay in, walks you can go on, restaurants you can eat in and things you can do while you stay there. We usually spend the majority of our time at the restaurants and the pool area with the kids.

I am going to answer a few questions you asked about right now!:

What can you eat if you are vegan? Are there gluten / dairy free options?

  • YES – there are dairy, vegan and gluten free options! The kids and I are vegan and Georgia is newly gluten free. At the Pomeroy are so willing to accommodate for dietary needs. Since all the restaurants are so close to one another they have gone to get some ingredients from another restaurant. What my kids usually have for a meal is they start with a salad and then they get a side of fries! ALSO – keep in mind kids eat free when you order an adult meal! The kids have also had pasta for dinner or cooked veggies etc. and they now have a vegan + gluten free burger and it is huge and delicious. There are some really great tasty options!

What is the best time to go with kids?

  • I would suggest mid-week during a low season. We have had the pool to ourselves many times and it is honestly better than other hotel / water park we have ever been to. It is worth going to the hotel just so your kiddos can go into the pool. The pool temp is SO warm and very enjoyable to run (whoops I mean walk – slowly *Georgia*) in and out of to the 3 big slides. There is 1 faster one, 1 windy one and 1 pitch black slide. Our kids love going on all of the slides and Michael and I do too!!!! There is a little kids splash park area and a younger kid slide in there as well. (CAN YOU TELL WE LOVE IT THERE OR WHAT?) There are a few waterfalls – one in the little kids area and a big one in the bigger pool. And right next to the pool is an indoor/outdoor hot tub that is heavenly at night. And the stars are amazing to view from there and away from the city lights!

Is there childcare at the lodge?

  • Yes! On the weekend there is drop-in child care at the kids play place (which is amazing and I 100% to take photos because I was busy taking vidoes of the kiddos.) It is a very large place with tons of things for the kids to do. It is the type of place you could drop your kids off at and hours could fly by while they are having fun!
  • If you need childcare during the week you can email: familyactivities@lodgeatkananaskis.com or concierge@lodgeatkananaskis.com to help set you up with private childcare. They will contact a nanny service close to town and set you up with a nanny on their team. It is best to do this well in advance to ensure you can get care!

How much is childcare?

  • Drop-in childcare at the lodge is $15/hr for the first child then an additional $5/hr for each child – up to 4 kids!
  • Private Babysitting fees are:
    • 1-2 children: $26.25/hr
    • 3 children: $30.45/hr
    • 4 children: $34.65/hr
    • 5 children: $37.80/hr
    • Daily rate $178.50 for 8 hours for 1-2 children.
    • *NOTE* that it is a minimum of 3 hours for private childcare.

Are there any events for the kids?

  • There is the amazing pool for the kids to play in – and it is so fun for the parents as well.
  • Definitely check out Kananaskis Outfitter or Boundary Ranch (for ages 6+ for trail rides)! We haven’t be able to try them yet because the kiddos are still young but it sounds so fun! (click HERE to check out some of the businesses in the valley)
  • The hotel usually offers s’mores by the fire but because of covid they aren’t able to right now. You can still enjoy the fire with music while enjoying a drink or a treat on the patio of the Forte Restaurant.

Is there a spa?

  • There is a spa! Check to see what has opened because of covid. I know the hot pools are open as well as the restaurant in there but phase 3 is when everything else will open up! The spa is a cell phone free facility and it is heaven. It is so nice to get away from reality and just be – without distractions! (Below is a photo of Michael and I from an event where we were able to bring our phones in to!)

Jess Nordic Spa

Enjoy your trip! We have travelled to a lot of places but our favourite family trip is always when we go to the Pomeroy.

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