gift guide

I wanted to share some of my love for local shops. Some I have bought from, some have gifted me some of their goodies and some have asked for me to share them in my blog.
Well, here it is. Lots of love to go around to all!!!


Our Place: The Always Pan
it is the greatest non stick pan I have ever used in my life.

Our Place: Main Plates
they come in a few different colours and they are hand painted!

The Better Farm Co: French Linen Apron
I just got this apron and it is absolutely stunning.

Primrose Lifestyle: Cookbook Stand
it will ACTUALLY keep your cookbooks open!!!


Adorn: Clothing Boutique
there is something for every woman!!!

Jacob Grace Designs: Kid & Adult
my fave is the new chunky knit sweater for kids!

Love for Lewiston & Lewiston Label: Clothing + Charity
run by one of the hardest working mamas ever!

Todays Modern Bebe: Kids Apparel
some of my favourite goodies are made by Natasha!

Sew NestNorth KinderHaiku JewelryZo BEARLilac & Eve BoutiqueGray HausThe Happiest CollectionMay and MaeLocal Laundry Co


Lou Lou Lollipop: Kids Clothing
I highly suggest the kids sleep sacks!

Copper Pearl: Kids accessories
If you have a baby you NEED their burp cloths

Beyond Measure Boards: Shop all the fun!
we love love love the colouring mats!

Luca Elle BoutiqueMinimalist BabesRun Wild Play KitsAdventure Nest and Co.Mint Humming BirdElf Help YYCMommas Healthy HubStash and StoryTenoyfertownDot BoxedBaby Peach Co.Everything Hewy


Rviita Energy Tea: Speachless
the flavour “speachless” is the best (in my opinion) and this is my brother-in-laws company so support the fam!

Flora Fromage: Vegan Cheese
I love SO many of these but I think my fave is the jalapeño… and herb and garlic.

Forage: Adaptogen Cookies
best healthy cookies you will ever have.

some local food companies I love are:

Meal Prep:
Better PrepFed By AlexSprouts Society
Vegan Restaurants + Food:
Raw Eatery and MarketBaked 3.14Charcuterie YYCVegan Street Eats
Stocking Stuffers:
Little TuckerHonibe (PEI)


Sweet Dreamers By Danielle: Macrame Decor
Danielle is so talented and makes wall decor, mobiles, Christmas Ornaments and more!

Dreams Jumper: Linen Bedding and Accessories
this is hands down the nicest kids bedding!

Vintage Timber: Custom Wood Working Pieces
we have a “toddler tower” from here and we use it daily!!!

Ivey & Co.Fifteen Twelve Home Co.Pebbles ‘N’ SuchLark And FeatherRhyden Designs


Life CoachingMeet Sandra
my mother-in-law has developed a successful Foundational Resilience Coaching philosophy and is there to help you!

Virtual Assistant: Meet Lauren
Lauren helped me organize my entire inbox and is so helpful!

Lymph Balance Centre: Massage, Lymph Drainage, Reflexology and more!
my favourite massage clinic to go to, ever. Get a gift certificate for when they open again!

Wymbin: Online Yoga Classes
wymbin offers kids classes, family yoga, etc!

Monogram Coffee: Coffee and more!
who doesn’t love a treat every now and then?!

Pull It Together CleaningMilton PhotographyUrban Fringe SalonMountain View PerformancePine and Pearl CreationsTa MuchlyThe Simply StampedRaposo BoutiqueHuckleberry Moon


Sundance Lodges: Camping
cutest camping spots around!

Nordic Spa: Couples Date
such a RELAXING way to spend the day

Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge: Family Fun Hotel
the cooooolest waterpark and kids eat free with an adult meal!!!

Milwaukee: Jobsite Speaker
compatible with all Milwaukee batteries – we use this speaker everywhere!

Local Beer Michael Loves

’88 BrewingBitter Sisters Good Mood Brewing
we are big beer lovers in this house so hopefully you can find one your love might like!

Healthy Crunch

School this year looks very different for a lot of us. Whatever route of schooling you decided to take, there are so many things we need to be extra mindful of this year. Nourishing + keeping our kiddos healthy is always a top priority, especially now. That is why I am so excited to share Healthy Crunch with you! Healthy Crunch has launched the first School Approved snack line. For it to be School Approved it needs to be free of all major allergens. It also needs to be made in a facility that is gluten-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free. And it needs to be low in sugar and high in fibre!

I try to keep the kiddos away from snacks with lots of sugar so I am really excited to be partnering with Healthy Crunch! Georgia is newly gluten free so it is amazing to have options for her… and they are all plant based so the entire family can enjoy!This pregnancy I have really enjoyed peanut butter + jam sandwiches and I am so excited to replace this craving with healthier options from Healthy Crunch. I am really looking forward to incorporating more sunflower seeds into our diet and using a jam that is made with ingredients that are actually good for you!!

The Seed Butters are sunflower seed based. Sunflower seeds are high in protein, potassium, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B6. All 5 of the Seed Butters are vegan and they are made with maple syrup! They are, of course, allergen-free and they are even keto certified! The Super Seed & the Chocolate Banana seed butter are my favourites. The Chocolate seed butter is the first nut-free chocolate spread to hit the market!

The Chia Jams are sweetened with pear juice concentrate! It has 50% less sugar than the average jar of jam or other fruit spreads. Chia seeds are something I always try to get the kiddos to eat so I love that it is included in this spread. Chia seeds are a great source of protein, fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium.

The Granola Bars are all made with 1 serving of fruit and vegetables!!!! Not only are they full of nutrient dense ingredients like broccoli, kale, berries, apple and onions – these Healthy Crunch bars also contain 1 billion GanedenBC30 active vegan probiotics!

I haven’t tried the trail mix yet but the ingredients look incredible so they are next on my list!
All of these products (and more!) can be purchased from and don’t forget to use code: Catherine20

If my sister is reading this – you have a shipment on the way so be on the lookout for your School Approved goodies to be delivered to you!! I think the girls are going to love all of these options!

Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge

Getaways to the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge are a family favourite. The kids constantly ask to go to “the hotel with the slides and the bear” aka the Pomeroy. If you haven’t been, we highly recommend it. If you aren’t from around here and you want to visit our beautiful Rockies – add this to your list of MUSTS!

There are many different types of rooms you can stay in, walks you can go on, restaurants you can eat in and things you can do while you stay there. We usually spend the majority of our time at the restaurants and the pool area with the kids.

I am going to answer a few questions you asked about right now!:

What can you eat if you are vegan? Are there gluten / dairy free options?

  • YES – there are dairy, vegan and gluten free options! The kids and I are vegan and Georgia is newly gluten free. At the Pomeroy are so willing to accommodate for dietary needs. Since all the restaurants are so close to one another they have gone to get some ingredients from another restaurant. What my kids usually have for a meal is they start with a salad and then they get a side of fries! ALSO – keep in mind kids eat free when you order an adult meal! The kids have also had pasta for dinner or cooked veggies etc. and they now have a vegan + gluten free burger and it is huge and delicious. There are some really great tasty options!

What is the best time to go with kids?

  • I would suggest mid-week during a low season. We have had the pool to ourselves many times and it is honestly better than other hotel / water park we have ever been to. It is worth going to the hotel just so your kiddos can go into the pool. The pool temp is SO warm and very enjoyable to run (whoops I mean walk – slowly *Georgia*) in and out of to the 3 big slides. There is 1 faster one, 1 windy one and 1 pitch black slide. Our kids love going on all of the slides and Michael and I do too!!!! There is a little kids splash park area and a younger kid slide in there as well. (CAN YOU TELL WE LOVE IT THERE OR WHAT?) There are a few waterfalls – one in the little kids area and a big one in the bigger pool. And right next to the pool is an indoor/outdoor hot tub that is heavenly at night. And the stars are amazing to view from there and away from the city lights!

Is there childcare at the lodge?

  • Yes! On the weekend there is drop-in child care at the kids play place (which is amazing and I 100% to take photos because I was busy taking vidoes of the kiddos.) It is a very large place with tons of things for the kids to do. It is the type of place you could drop your kids off at and hours could fly by while they are having fun!
  • If you need childcare during the week you can email: or to help set you up with private childcare. They will contact a nanny service close to town and set you up with a nanny on their team. It is best to do this well in advance to ensure you can get care!

How much is childcare?

  • Drop-in childcare at the lodge is $15/hr for the first child then an additional $5/hr for each child – up to 4 kids!
  • Private Babysitting fees are:
    • 1-2 children: $26.25/hr
    • 3 children: $30.45/hr
    • 4 children: $34.65/hr
    • 5 children: $37.80/hr
    • Daily rate $178.50 for 8 hours for 1-2 children.
    • *NOTE* that it is a minimum of 3 hours for private childcare.

Are there any events for the kids?

  • There is the amazing pool for the kids to play in – and it is so fun for the parents as well.
  • Definitely check out Kananaskis Outfitter or Boundary Ranch (for ages 6+ for trail rides)! We haven’t be able to try them yet because the kiddos are still young but it sounds so fun! (click HERE to check out some of the businesses in the valley)
  • The hotel usually offers s’mores by the fire but because of covid they aren’t able to right now. You can still enjoy the fire with music while enjoying a drink or a treat on the patio of the Forte Restaurant.

Is there a spa?

  • There is a spa! Check to see what has opened because of covid. I know the hot pools are open as well as the restaurant in there but phase 3 is when everything else will open up! The spa is a cell phone free facility and it is heaven. It is so nice to get away from reality and just be – without distractions! (Below is a photo of Michael and I from an event where we were able to bring our phones in to!)

Jess Nordic Spa

Enjoy your trip! We have travelled to a lot of places but our favourite family trip is always when we go to the Pomeroy.

Sankalpa Preschool at Wymbin

Sankalpa Preschool at Wymbin

I have wanted to homeschool for years because I found school really hard socially while growing up. But then I had two kids quite close together and I realized I needed a break. When we found Wymbin it was such an easy decision for us to send them there. We really wanted the kids to have a place to feel safe, understood and accepted and we truly believe that Wymbin checks off all of those boxes.

Come and see what Wymbin is all about!
The Sankalpa Open House is on Saturday February 29th from 10:30am-12:00pm

The Sankalpa preschool program at Wymbin is inspired by Reggio Emilia principles. Reggio Emilia puts the child in the centre of all learning in the classroom. The children guide the lessons learned in the class based on what they are interested, rather than following a curriculum. The teachers allows the students to guide her, instead of the teacher guiding the students.

William loves going to preschool with Miss Ana. She is kind, gentle and one of the most patient people on this Earth. Miss Ana is at preschool every day so no matter the days you sign your little one up for, she will be their teacher!

At Wymbin, they have a word they try to embody for every month. February is Friendship. I love this because William is a very independent player and when he comes home he will talk about asking kids if they want to play with him. He even talked about a friend in his class and asked if one day she could come to our house to play! My momma heart was so happy!

image1 (1)

Miss Ana’s tips for setting up a successful activity at home:

  • be thoughtful – think about your child while setting up the activity
    • for example: if you are doing an activity with beads a few questions you could ask yourself would be: “does the bead fit on the string?” “does the string unravel while putting the bead on, making it more difficult with each bead?” The best way to answer these questions is by you trying the activity first yourself!
  • when presenting a new activity, less is best! Too many things can be overwhelming and a new activity can be overwhelming as well. Be patient.
  • join your child and let them be. Miss Ana always asks questions to prompt conversation and creativity to flow. She NEVER assumes any answers. Some good questions to ask are: What is that? What are you doing? Why?
    • it can be really tempting to explain what is “really” happening – but we want to remember to have them lead. So, instead of you leading the conversation with real life facts about “WHY” things are the way they are, you can help foster your child’s imagination by being a “scientist” and making statements like: “I see that there is water around the ice” or “the water is cold”. Do not present a suggestion that could alter the way your child is going to continue to play.

What you need for the activity we did below:
– beads of different shapes and sizes
– string and other tools ex: skewer sticks of different sizes
– containers to hold beads




Williams 4th Birthday

Williams 4th Birthday


This is the first year we have gone all out for William’s birthday. William’s first 2 birthdays were small gatherings and we didn’t decorate. William’s 3rd birthday was spent in Australia/Bali… we were traveling and it wasn’t the best way to spend a birthday. He is always so easy going so for his 4th birthday I felt like he really deserved to be celebrated.

William asked for a dinosaur themed birthday party and while Big Little Parties was setting up he walked in, looked at the decor and gasped while holding out his hands with his jaw dropped then said “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!” They did such a beautiful job making Williams birthday dreams come true! They do such an amazing job paying attention to detail. The ladies behind Big Little Parties put so much into their work and you can tell how much they love it. I highly recommend you use them for your next celebration! They come to your house, set everything up perfectly, and do the take down. It was SO helpful having them on the day of to make my day that much easier! They can do themed birthday parties, cute tent sleepover parties, spa parties… truly anything you can think of, they can do! Check them out at @BigLittlePartiesYYC on instagram to see what they are up to next!

Cassandra from eARTh Art Studio came to do art with the kids and she is a SWEETHEART. She is very patient and gentle natured. The kids took turns having some one-on-one time with her while making dinosaur terrariums. All the kids were able to take these home and they were so proud of what they made! When the kids weren’t doing art with her she was playing with them! Cassandra from eARTh also teaches art classes out of her licensed home studio! I am not a very artistic (or overly patient) person so I am really excited to get my kiddos into some classes with her!!! Follow @eARThyyc on instagram for fun projects Cassandra does with kids!

Sprog & Sprocket came to drop off some soft play rentals and a ball pit rental for the kids to play in and it was unreal. Michael said it was like having 4 extra adults to watch the kids. They honestly played so well and were patient with one another while having a BLAST. It is a great kids party idea! Sprog & Sprocket can set up play spaces in your home or rented space. They also now offer pick-up rentals that you can keep for the day! We had a ball pit and their six piece toddler soft play package called the Lil’ Roller. When you combine to make a package you save! Either of the options we had can fit into a full size minivan, large SUV or truck! They are also the only company in North America that has a Portable Indoor Play Centre that you can rent! NOTE: Everything, including each and every ball, are cleaned and sanitized after use! You can find them on instagram at @sprogsprocket.

Being plant based can be tricky when it comes to treats for birthdays! Especially when it comes to things you didn’t make yourself… Baking isn’t my favourite thing to do and as I have said before, I am not very artistic. THANKFULLY Sugarbakers Cookie Co. IS and was able to make the most beautiful vegan and gluten free cookies for the party. I always want to have different options for those with dietary restrictions when they come to our house so these cookies were just perfect for that. Michelle and her mom run the business together and I think that is extra sweet (sweet, see what I did there?) I would definitely recommend getting yourself some of these beautiful cookies for your next celebration! Watch their stories on @SugarbakersCookieCo for inspo!

Thank you to everyone who came to be part of the birthday and an extra big thank you to everyone who helped! Because we had so much help the day went by so smoothly. There was way less CHAOS than I thought there would be.

I cannot wait for his 5th birthday party!!


Holiday Gift Guide at Southcentre Mall

Holiday Gift Guide at Southcentre Mall

Buying gifts for other people is one of my favourite things to do. It brings me so much joy to get presents for other people. I am always thoughtful about my choices because I put so much time into finding the perfect present! 

I know buying gifts for some people can be challenging – so I have partnered with Southcentre Mall to give a list of items that I would either buy for someone else or *hint hint* want someone to buy for me!! Click here to read the whole gift guide, or see below for my favourite choices! Southcentre Mall is the closest mall to where we live so I often go there to shop! Parking is easy to find and a few of my very favourite shops are there!!!

If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for on the list below Southcentre Mall now has a new tool called “Search. Find. ShopNOW” to help you to find exactly what you are looking for with a simple online search. You can search for ANYTHING and different options from mall retailers will pop up for your to view! This is also a great way to help plan out your shopping trips in advance so you can save time searching for what you need when you head to the mall.

  1. Poosh Diffuser KitSaje Wellness  $100  I think it is gorgeous! (I 100% showed Michael the photo of it. You know, just in case.)
  2. Holden VaseCrate and Barrel  – $75 – There are so many beautiful vases… I really don’t think you can go wrong with anything from Crate and Barrel.
  3. Patagonia Pull-overSporting Life  – $125  I really like the Century Pink colour! 
  4. Beeswax Food WrapsThe Curated Shop – $23 – This is a great stocking stuffer or item for a gift exchange!! I know I really appreciate getting reusable items that can be used in exchange for other items that would just end up in the trash otherwise.
  5. Reusable Metal StrawsTwisted Goods – $14 – Such a great stocking stuffer idea!! I already picked these up for two different people this Christmas! 
  6. Blundstone BootsBrown’s Shoes – $230 – I really like the look of these boots. They are definitely an investment but I think this classic boot would look really good on just about any guy in your life! 
  7. Gift CardCRAFT Beer Market – $50+– This is a perfect present for the beer lover in your life! 
  8. Decanter, High Ball Glasses, Stones, Crate & Barrel – $115 – Crate and Barrel is amazing for glassware! I have been buying glasses from there for years. Their selection is amazing and can be really affordable. I already bought different glasses from them for two people this year for Christmas! 
  9. Om Organics Hydrating MistOak & Tonic – $26 – Let’s face it (lol pun intended), winter is cold and very dry here so a hydrating mist is a gift that will be really appreciated!!!


I wish you a very merry holiday season!


Back Bunkhouse Reveal

Back Bunkhouse Reveal

Our living situation is unique. Michael lives and works out of town, we have been renting out the townhouse we own for almost 4 years, we live at my parents house – but my parents live in another province – and we live with my sister. So, the only place that has felt like OURS from the moment we bought it has been our trailer.

We don’t travel around in our trailer on weekends like other people might… we usually spend summer in it on land just North of Fort McMurray, where Michael works. We (Michael) have changed so many things in it over the last 3 years – bless Michaels heart – because I change my style and vision for our little home on wheels so frequently – WHOOPS.

I wanted to share our back bunkhouse with you before I go and change my designs again. So far, I am shocked by the transformation! We want to do more things to it like finish touching up paint and hopefully rip out the carpet but for now, it works beautifully for us. See before photos of the bunkhouse HERE.

What really started the reno in the bunkhouse was the arrival of our new Endy beds! WHICH ARE SO COMFY – if you have ever slept on a trailer mattress you know they are pretty atrocious. So these beds are like heaven in our fifth wheel. (Thank you Endy for these amazing gifts!)

The trailer is such a small space so we needed to make sure it was functional without the bulk but welcoming with comfort and personality. That is why I captured some of the kids favourite books (that are usually in their beds or thrown on the floor with their toys) and the man lift that was given to William from a good family friend. Terry the T-Rex was given to William from his Gramma and is so special because she bought it in Drumheller and can’t wait to take the kids to the Royal Tyrrel Museum (Georgia got a Triceratops). Not pictured are the toys. We have TOYS. They are in the bottom drawer of the Ikea dresser in their bedroom – and one bin in the living room that is used as a stool – foot rest – side table – decor – everything and anything. Living tiny (or summer-ing tiny) means having things that are multipurpose. Georgia’s clothes are in half of the top drawer, William’s are in the other half. In the middle drawer are their bathing suits, coats, hats, shoes and diapers/wipes (Georgia is 90% potty trained now – imagine what I can do with all that extra room now!!!!)

Remember to keep things functional but still personal if you are working with a small space. That salt lamp is (to me) a pretty piece but it is the kids’ night light. The noise maker is on the top shelf – still able to be reached, simple and works so well for us (we have about 7 of these spread between Calgary, Moose Jaw, Arizona and Fort McMurray). The kids bought Michael the “But First, We Nap” book for Father’s Day. They laugh together while reading it… Michael loves Sloths! The “Kitty” on the chair Michael bought for Georgia when she had a fever or 104F when she had a UTI and kidney infection this summer.  The BEAR that William painted is his piggy bank. *William painted this piggy bank at a summer camp in Fort McMurray. He doesn’t often come home with crafts because he prefers to play independantly and when I saw it I was THRILLED. The first thing that came out of his mouth was that he didn’t paint it properly and it made my heart sink. I really hurt for him. I told him I thought he did a wonderful job – then asked what I usually ask “did you do your best?” BECAUSE THE REST DOESN’T MATTER. So I knew I needed to display it to show how much I loved it (and him) so here is his amazing, perfectly painted bear piggy bank.*


Beds, Mattress Protector & Sheets: Endy
Throw Pillows: Woven Nook
Rug: Wayfair
Woven baskets: Thrifted
YL Eseential Oils: @catherinesessentials


Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to write this post and I absolutely LOVE WYMBIN.


Wymbin is a new yoga studio that offers Preschool and Yoga Sprouts child care in beautiful Inglewood. It is just below Junction9 and they have a beautiful working relationship where you can drop your kids off at school and head upstairs for a yoga or pilates class or sit in Wymbin and do your work – which I am currently doing!

During their school day the kids will often do a mindfulness craft (more blog posts to come on those!) – move their body, usually by yoga or dance – and lots of play based learning.

William and Georgia love their schools so much. William was in another “Emilia Reggio” based preschool and when he would ask what school he was going to, he was SO sad when he found out he wasn’t going to school with Miss Ana. We decided to pull him out of the other preschool because he was so sad when going.

A few of my favourite things about Wymbin and the staff are:

  • How aware they are of how they speak to kids. They are always very aware and gentle and listen to kids as if they were adults.
  • They always find ways to incorporate mindfulness.
  • William constantly teaches me different things he learns in school from yoga, deep breathing and about things he learns from Miss Ana

Yoga Sprouts is for kids ages 2-5 years old! Georgia goes to Sprouts while William is in school so I can get some kid-free time in. There is a lovely parents lounge for the parents to hang out in while Sprouts is in session. You do have to spend 9-11am in either Sprouts or Junction9 so you are close in case you are needed. (Lately Georgia is having a hard time leaving me so there have been times she has had to come out for some cuddles!!)

Last time Michael was home we had a little date upstairs at Junction9 and had s coffee together (technically I had a vegan hot chocolate – delicious!). There are many options for you during this time. I also see caregivers just reading and saying “I didn’t do anything for those 2 hours – it felt so nice!”

Sankalpa Preschool is from ages 3-5 years old. I can’t wait till Georgia can be in this program as well so I can get THREE hours of work done because it is from 9-12pm. There are also afternoon options available from 1-4pm for preschool! Registration is open for January spots!

“SANKALPA is an idea that is formed in your heart or mind- we believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow and innovate creatively in a supportive, interesting, and engaging environment.” – Wymbin

Email: or Call:(403) 452 2549

Why we think Endy is awesome

Why we think Endy is awesome

When I was pregnant with William we didn’t have a very good mattress. We had just bought a house and were living off of hand-me-downs from our family and things we grew up using. We didn’t really think about a new mattress until I had such a hard time sleeping while I was pregnant. One day, Michael heard an advertisement for Casper over the radio and ordered one that night so I could finally *attempt* a good night sleep through all the late night trips to the bathroom!

When the mattress arrived, it wasn’t my favourite to say the least. It was quite firm but by the end of the pregnancy and with gaining 40 pounds, I finally felt like I could sink into the mattress. But I knew I would eventually lose the pregnancy weight and I didn’t know what I would do when it was too firm for me again.

We didn’t have much attachment to the Casper bed so when I was invited to an Endy event two summers ago, I was so intrigued! I was immediately welcomed with open arms by the Endy Family. I absolutely love what Endy stands for by being a Canadian Company and they are truly for the people.

That is why I was so excited for the opportunity to work with Endy. Fast forward a few years and a few babies later – and we replaced the Casper mattress with a new Endy mattress as well as the bunkhouse beds in our trailer and I will tell you WHY:

  • Endy is a Canadian company. The Endy Mattress is designed and made in Canada, using safe, Canadian-made materials that they source themselves!
  • All Endy foams are CertiPUR-US® certified. This means they are free of harmful chemicals, so you (and I) can sleep easy!
  • It ships right to your door! And it only ships within Canada! A truly Canadian company. The packaging is thoughtful and packaged in FSC Certified cardboard boxes, which means the materials have come from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly…. and it is great for make believe play! We love to reuse packaging that we get and our kids ended up playing peek-a-boo, playing house, and using it as a monster truck pit for days/weeks! Then we recycle it all because everything is recyclable!!
  • Endy has a 100 night trial. If you don’t love your mattress for any reason within the 100 days, Endy will donate it to a nearby charity. This is especially close to my heart because since being part of the Endy family I have met some of the people who have directly benefitted from these beds that get donated by Endy.
  • Now, you can buy an Endy bed with 0% down and no interest financing! I think this is so amazing. Endy wants a good sleep to be available to all. They really are a for-the-people company.

“We aspire to a better slept Canada
— not just today, but every day”

If you have ever thought about trying a new bed, I highly suggest you try Endy. If not for every reason I stated above, do it so you can have a good night sleep! The top of the mattress is so comfortable, you will feel like it is a cloud!

Don’t forget to use code WIGG50 to save $50 off of any size of Endy mattress.

Trailer Reno – Entrance featuring Wayfair.

Trailer Reno – Entrance featuring Wayfair.

I am so excited to show you this reveal!!!! I am just so happy with how it has turned out. I am so grateful to Wayfair for their help in making my vision come to life!!! I hope you love it!

We have made a lot of mistakes while renovating the trailer. Some small, some expensive. I also like to CHANGE MY MIND constantly. It drives Michael crazy but he makes the changes I ask for… and I make him dinner and guiltily hand him a beer with a shy smile.

Most of the projects done in the trailer have been because of him. I do the painting & I have the vision – he does just about everything else. For the “front entrance” area, we completely redid it after our first summer in it. Then redid it again the next summer…. it wasn’t right until it was right. Kind of like “when you know, you know!!!!” And now, I am keeping it like this!!!! – Don’t look too closely because we haven’t finished every detail of this room but I had to share because I am so proud of the progress we have made so far!!


I have spent a lot of time on Wayfair finding the perfect items to make our tiny trailer a home. I partnered with Wayfair for these two gifted products and I’ll tell you, I would buy them any day of the week!!!!

I went with Yedinak Modern Distressed Accent Mirror in Brass size 42″H x 42″W and I am so glad I went with the bigger size. I didn’t want it to overpower the wall but I believe it makes it look bigger and makes the space look “grander” – sounds silly saying that about the small trailer space but I think it is true! I wanted the brass one because I really thought I was going to paint the wall that the mirror is on, BLACK! I am glad I didn’t… but we will see how I feel next summer….

I would 100% recommend this mirror! I LOVE it in the space and I love the detail at the top. It was a bit tricky to hang in the trailer because it is so heavy but my handy man husband came to the rescue! Love you boo!


We also ordered the Louisa Bar & Counter Stool set of 2 and I wish we ordered 2 more!! They are stackable and really easy to use for different things. The kids love being up at the counter to eat or just hang out while I cook. They are the perfect height for our counter! If we had ordered 4 instead of 2 I would use 3 at the counter and 1 for a plant stand or side table next to the couch. I love multipurpose pieces like these. I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for white stools.


The stools also work well as part of forts, hiding places, boats, trains, etc. In small spaces with less “stuff” the kids and I were able to let our imaginations run wild. I highly suggest spending some time living tiny – even just the summers like us. And if you add some beautiful home pieces into the mix like these stools and mirror! – We also bought a rug off of Wayfair for the kids bunkhouse – more on that soon when I post a bunkhouse reveal! – I love this tiny space so much.

Thank you, Wayfair, for making it feel even more like home!