Pampered Parent Friday at Metro Dental

Pampered Parent Friday at Metro Dental

So, you know how some people really dislike going to the dentist? Well Metro Dental might have figured out a way to change your mind and have get you excited to go for your cleanings! Metro Dental in Country Hills, NW Calgary, has this amazing program called “Pampered Parents” on different Fridays of the month.  On these days you can come with your littles and have a stress free dentist appointment… or as stress free as dentist appointments can go.

You will be happily greeted by the staff who are seriously so nice. They have a nespresso machine waiting for you so make sure you arrive early to enjoy a cup before the actual fun starts. It is important to note that Metro Dental has staff who are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

You can bring your children back to the child minding area that they use for these special days. Metro Dental has an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) to care for you children. There are treats and drinks to keep your kids happy as they play, play, play! My kids had a BLAST… William honestly didn’t want to leave. There was a wonderful lady there to do face painting and keep the kids happy with painting and stickers. William was pretty jazzed… Did you see the video where he says “chomp, chomp, chomp!!”? He still does it and thinks it is hilarious.

Since you’ll be a bit early, and your kids will be carefully watched in a safe room, you will be treated to a massage. YUP, you read that right. I was given a massage before my dentist appointment and it was so amazing! That day, Mike woke up at 2am to drive home from Fort McMurray and he was also treated to a 10-15 minute massage! It is called “Pampered Parent” and both mom and dad or both are welcome to come!!

They will bring you to your chair, get you comfy so you can watch your show and not talk to you except to ask if you are doing okay. I watched Grace and Frankie and it was probably the most inappropriate episode ever and I was laughing so hard while getting my cleaning done. It was really awesome… I barely felt like I was getting my teeth cleaned.

Next up was Georgia who was less than thrilled to get her teeth cleaned. She doesn’t like anyone looking in her mouth, getting her teeth brushed or anything to do with her mouth – more now than ever because she’s fiercely teething. Tin was so patient and friendly with her despite her cries. He just counted her teeth and gave her teeth a quick wipe.

Then it was Williams turn. He had had such a fun time playing that he was happy to get his teeth cleaned. Tin made sure that William was comfortable and happy before starting. He took the time to explain to William was he was doing inside of this mouth. I really appreciate this because we are parents who always talk our kids through situations so they feel more comfortable. William didn’t cry or complain for one second of his first cleaning and I couldn’t believe it but I am so proud. William watched planes while his teeth were being cleaned.

Lastly, they give the kids toys to take home. And I mean toys, not just a toy. They were so generous and gave William the airplanes he was playing with while I was getting my cleaning. Georgia left with a mini barbie and a purse and William also picked a lego dinosaur. I usually don’t like getting toys but these are good quality and the kids have great memories playing with them. Every time (every. single. day.) that the kids play with their airplanes they are reminded of their great dentist experience and I think it is really important to build that trust, especially at a young age.

At Metro Dental, they really care for you and your family and it feels very genuine. We are so excited to go back…. William especially!

Click HERE to look at there website and book your cleaning today!

Nungnung Waterfall with our Lillebaby Carrier

Nungnung Waterfall with our Lillebaby Carrier

Let me start by saving we didn’t do much research about the Nungnung Waterfall before our driver took us there… I googled a photo of it and said “SURE, it looks gorgeous, let’s go!” I wasn’t mentally prepared for over 500 gigantic, uneven stairs down to the waterfall…. or the 500+ stairs to get back up to the top. The good news is that we both had our carriers! Michael carried William in our new LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier and thank goodness we packed it because we were anticipating a “10 minute walk” and ended up doing 1,000+ steps…..


We quite honestly could not have made it to see the gorgeous waterfall without our carriers. It started raining (torrential downpour) as soon as we got out of the car. William, who had fallen asleep on the car ride to the waterfall, seamlessly transferred into our LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier. One thing we love so much about this carrier is the structure of it. You can put your babe in it and know they are secure…. unlike the carrier I had Geogria in because I had to keep adjusting her position as she moved. And because it was raining, the fabric of the carrier that I had Georgia in was changing a bit as it got wet. With a structured carrier like LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier you can rest, or hike, assured that your baby is snug as a bug in there.

While I was climbed down and (then later) back up what we called the “dinosaur” steps I kept telling myself I could do it because I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (pre-children that is). I felt like I signed up for a marathon when I thought I was going to walk a 5km… perfect comparison, not an exaggeration in the slightest. If you were to ask Michael if he thought it was hard I’m sure he would say it wasn’t. He offered to carry all three of us more than once. Cue me saying * “I climbed Kilimanjaro, I can climb up these Dino steps” *

Anyways. I couldn’t walk for 2 (but actually 3) days because I was so sore.

The steps were uneven and moss covered so it was a bit slippery. We were both happy to carry the kids “hands free” in case we needed some extra support on the slippery steps. The staircase was handmade and there was greenery all over it because there is so much life on this Island. There are so many hidden gems that are off the beaten track so you will need to step outside of your comfort zone to really experience what a new country has to offer. Definitely make sure you have a good carrier like the LÍLLÉbaby!

The route to get to the waterfall is breathtaking, pun intended. But truly, it is so worth the trip just to see the views along the way. There were beautiful luscious trees and small waterfalls accompanied by birds chirping and endless greenery.  We could count on our hands how many different groups of people we saw during out entire time there… it is very secluded and peaceful. At one point we had the entire waterfall to ourselves. It was an unforgettable moment.

All in all, carriers are necessary when traveling in Bali… and although we have only been to a few different countries as a family of four, I can say for certain a great carrier is a must in a place like this. We didn’t bring a stroller because the roads are not designed for them. To be quite honest, the roads have many holes in them for water drainage and some can be 4 feet wide so you will need to be able to safely maneuver onto the busy road. A carrier like this will be your best friend when traveling with kids!!!!

A few things you should know about the LÍLLÉbaby Complete is:

  • It is ideal for infants to toddlers (7lbs to 45 lbs) and William and Geogria both fit perfectly into that weight range.
  • 6-Carrying positions
  • No need for an infant insert
  • Unique Lumbar support for comfortability – Michael took this off because of the heat. In the winter he loves it because it keeps his back from getting cold (it is really important to keep his back from getting cold and seizing up because of his injury)
  • Two-way straps that can be worn crossed or backpack style
  • Adjustable neck support and sleep hood cover
  • Large zippered pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Machine Washable
  • Recognized as a “Hip Healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Committee
  • All Seasons – temperature control panel.

As a lot of you know, Michael works away most of the year. When he is home he does his best to connect with the kids. Ever since they were babies he would use a carrier and do skin-to-skin with them around the house. Skin-to-skin is so important for baby’s health, bonding and so many other reasons so it has always been a priority to Michael.  He has always preferred a structured carrier because it is better on his back. A carrier like this would be great for a dad who is busy but wants the kids to be involved! William has spent countless hours in the garage with Michael, having dad and son time, while Michael is still getting things done!

Below are a few other precious moments in our carrier.
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xo, from Bali…

How We Sleep While on Vacation

How We Sleep While on Vacation

Baby Pixel

Sleeping on a vacation with kids is always an adjustment, especially if you have light sleepers. Georgia is possibly the lightest sleeper in the world…. the smallest noise will wake her and she isn’t a kid that will go back to sleep after she has been woken up, even with a loud noise maker on. If I sleep near her she can sense that I am there and I’ll be up half a dozen time feeding her in the night. We try to put her as far away from the noise/us as possible.. so she is usually in a bathroom in the back of a bedroom. The good news is that the bathrooms in Bali are often nicer than the bedrooms! We have learned to travel with tape and we put up towels around the windows because she also needs a really dark room. My kids need a bit of extra care while traveling… The things we do for our kids to get a good sleep!!!

William decided to sleep with us while on this vacation. We have rented 2 bedroom villas and that both have an ensuite attached. Our sleeping arrangements are usually 3 of us in one bed not sleeping well, 1 bed not being used because it is in the same room as Georgia, and Georgia in the bathroom far away. Because we aren’t in the same room as Georgia, we need a monitor on her at all times. Before we got our new Summer Infant Baby Pixel Monitor we used a monitor that connected through wifi but that is super unrealistic while traveling. I love that once this monitor is plugged in it works right away! Wifi hasn’t be the greatest, so when you travel you need a reliable monitor like the Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0″ Touchscreen Colour Video Monitor.


My two favourite things about this monitor are: 

  1. Temperature Reader. It can be SO hot here and we want to make sure the air conditioning is always working. It is a normal night when it is about 25 degrees Celsius with air conditioning and Georgia is going to bed so we keep a very close eye on that.
  2. 360Tilt Camera Steering: it is amazing because William goes in and moves the camera around and I don’t realize till after Georgia has gone to sleep! With this feature I can move the camera around until I can see her again… without leaving my bed!Baby Pixel

A few of the features that really differentiate this monitor from others on the market are:

  • VOX System: a voice activated screen wake up capability. So basically as soon as Georgia is making noise it lights up and wakes us up from the light / sound of her asking for me.
  • Sleepzone Virtual Boundary: this senses when Georgia is on the move and alerts us.
  • Moonlite Night Vision Boost: it gently lights up to give a crisp view of the baby and crib so it is easier to see at night.

To shop, click here: Summer Infant Baby Pixel 5.0″ Touchscreen Colour Video Monitor.

Love from Bali…xo


Canggu with kids.

Canggu with kids.
We have a fantastic babysitter in the Canggu area.
Send me a message if you want her contact information!
She was referred by a friend I met here and she was awesome.
($5.00 an hour)

Photo taken at Sakti Healing.


Canggu is about an hour or so from Denpasar airport. It is a surf town. I thought it would be nice for us to be by the beach when we first arrived in Bali… but it is a surf town for a reason. The waves have been HUGE. I was worried standing in them while holding Georgia. The current is strong so I wouldn’t suggest coming here for a “beach” vacation. In total we will be here for 13 days and I would suggest quite a bit less if you have kids… about 3 days.

Vegan food is quite easy to find here… BUT sometimes people say things are vegan when they are actually vegetarian so read carefully and ask questions.

It is good to note that food was more expensive than we expected it to be and we have heard from others that Canggu is a bit more expensive in general. I look at decor before sitting down to eat because it is something that is important to me. You are also paying for the free wifi that is available… and for nicer bathrooms which is really important for me because William is potty trained now!

*** all of these places were really great with William and Georgia. We have found that people love when you bring kids around!!!!***

Date Nights:

Coffee & Coconuts:
Such a lovely atmosphere. A perfect date night. If you go before March 2019 there is a free cocktail during happy hour. The food was incredible. I ordered the Labu Salad… it doesn’t have raw lettuce but it is cooked and so worth trying!!!

The staff at MyWarung in Canggu hosted my family and I for dinner. They have super tasty food. I had the vegan curry and it was declious… Georgia ate about half of it!

YUM. You definitely have to go!!! So delicious. One of our top favourite restaurants in Canggu. Our kids were quite upset when we went here and I wish we would have gone on a date instead… Either way, go! The food is just so good!


Kids Play Areas:

The Joglo:
Mike LOVED his vegan cap cay soup. They play a movie on Friday nights starting at 6pm for the kids. You can eat in the room or the staff is so helpful and will let you know if the kids need you. There is a large outdoor play place there for the kids to run around on while you’re eating!

There is a little section for the kids to play here. The chickpea hash browns were like a healthy version of McDonalds hash browns. It is located right next to the Garden Early Learning Centre. There are drop in classes for moms/dads&tots. We didn’t try them but we know of people who have.

La Casita:
A must with kids. The outdoor play place is HUGE. It wasn’t my favourite place to eat but it is nice to eat while your kids play!!


Bang For Your Buck:

A MUST. It is all vegan, all the time. Not for profit and you decide where you want your money to go towards from the 3 charities they have chosen. The meal portions are huge and the food is incredible. Put this one at the top of your list!!!

Hungry Bird:
Super cheap and delicious breakfast. We ordered oatmeal for the kids and they were SO happy to have something simple. Be careful, it comes with butter in it so make sure you as for it without if you’re vegan.

Molena Juice:
A little store front run by a mom who has her cute baby running around wearing a diaper. She charges $15000 (less than $1.50) for juice. Juice is a lot more expensive here than we thought…. You’re looking at an average of $3.50+ for a juice that gets watered down. You can find this on road Ji. Raya Semat and between Gang Jalak 17 & 18.


Things You Must Do:

Check out the Sakti Healing Shop. It is a healing store full of Crystals and beautiful jewelry. I had a Reiki session with the owner, Chelsea, and it was ah-mazing! This is a must! I also bought my new favourite ring from her store. Adorable.

Get an IV from the Dose. We were suffering from the flu once we arrived and did it ever help! We got the Ultimate and it was full of antioxidants and vitamins. I also got a pain killer in mine because I partially separated my shoulder the day before. We paid about $150.00CAD (1.5million) to get this. It is expensive but at some point you will probably need it in Bali. It is great for food poisoning, Bali belly, Dengue fever and more. Definitely keep this in mind! They travel to you and they were so so so friendly.

Get a reflexology treatment. We were seeing a guy at Medina Therapy for about $6.50 for half an hour. He is a few doors down from Molena Juice so make sure you go there to get some juice after. He is strong and it does hurt a bit but amazing. We came to Bali specifically for healing so reiki and reflexology and intuitive healers are a MUST in our books.

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Zelia Travel System Review

Zelia Travel System Review
We are so excited to partner with BabiesRUs Canada again!! They have been so great to work with and I’m really proud to be working with them. I know some people were a bit worried about them closing their doors but rest assured, BabiesRUs Canada and ToysRUCanada are here to stay!!
The thing I love the absolute MOST about working with them is that they want me to give real, genuine and truthful feedback to share with you, friends! So, although this isn’t my absolute favourite stroller, I can say it’s honestly William’s favourite. And when it comes to a stroller, does it actually matter what the moms likes? If the kid enjoys sitting in it, IT IS A WINNER!
Wanna hear something amazing? So William is a huge introvert when he’s around anyone other than close family. We went to an expo last weekend (just Georgia, myself and William – yeah I’m crazy). We were there for 3 1/2 hours!!! And William sat the entire time. I mean not once did he get up from that stroller. He played with toys and ate so much of the vegan cashew cheese I bought and just people watched. He didn’t even ask to watch a show! William was incredibly well behaved!! Georgia is a little bit different, she’s more of a fireball and we love her sparky personality.
Anyways. If my two and a half year old can sit for 3 1/2 hours in a stroller there must be some magic that went into the making of it! So, here are the top 3 things I love about our MaxiCosZelia StrolleTravel System:
1. It is so easy to maneuver. It is definitely the easiest stroller to move around that
we have. William played with the stroller for AN HOUR after he and Michael first put it together. It took the two of them between 5-10 minutes to set up. Quick and easy! It is also really lightweight, at 21 pounds, so it is easy to push with one hand because let’s face it… I ALMOST ALWAYS CARRY GEORGIA. She’s the crazy kid in the family so there should be one hand on her at all times.
2. I love the bassinet feature. William loves to sit in it and relax. It’s easy for him to
be in there while we run in and out of places. The bassinet can easily transform to the sitting position in a matter of seconds but the bassinet position is William’s favourite. Now, if only I could get my kids to figure out how to nap on the go to make my errands even easier!
3. I love the colour. This might sound super silly but I always go for blacks or
neutrals. Anyone else like me? (I know you are!!). But with this blue colour I feel so
happy when I put them inside. It really brings out the kids eyes so it makes me extra love their eyes when they are in it. Both of my kids look really good in blue too! It also reminds me of the sea and Bali… and how we leave in less than two months (for more than two months!) and I just can’t believe it. I didn’t realize this blue coloured stroller could be such a gentle reminder of a few things that make me incredibly happy!!! So next time you get a new stroller or car seat, maybe try a new colour… Maxi-Cosi always has such fun colour choices.
A couple other things to note is that the MaxiCosZelia stroller Travel System has a bucket seat that can you can quickly transfer from car to stroller. If you don’t want to use the Mico 30 Car Seat, the stroller has quite a few different sitting positions! You can have your baby face you, or face out! And on those sunny days there is an extendable canopy to help protect your sweet precious babe from the sun!!
I hope you found this info helpful! I wish I knew more about strollers when we bought our first one. We bought one of the most expensive ones and I realize that the most expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best!!!
Click here to see more details on the Zelia Travel System!
Feel free to send me a DM or leave a comment with any questions you have!

My honest review of our new Ingenuity 4-in-1 High Chair from Babies R Us Canada.

My honest review of our new Ingenuity 4-in-1 High Chair from Babies R Us Canada.

It’s true when they say that the FedEx truck is like Christmas morning for adults… especially when you get packages in the mail from Babies R Us Canada. I’ve partnered with them to give you real, honest and authentic reviews over the course of the next few months and I am so excited to share my first review with you! It is on the Connolly Smart Serve 4-1 High Chair and I’m going to share with you my three favourite things about it!:

  • booster seat capability
  • 2 trays that remove for easy cleaning
  • tray swings open in the push of button.

When Michael and I first realized that this high chair is actually for Georgia and William to use at the same time we were pretty excited… There are 4 different ways to use the hair chair and we use the “high chair” seat option AND the “booster” that can be pulled right up to our table. It’s important to note that every piece all the high chair can be stored if you wish to just use the Connolly in the high chair position. We are working towards a simple and minimalistic lifestyle (and life) so extra parts hanging around wouldn’t work for us; all these parts can be stored directly in the high chair itself, which is awesome!

One of our recent parenting challenges has been when it comes to meal time and William wants to get up from the table half way through… I told Michael we needed a booster seat for William and without knowing it, it was already on its way! This high chair is a great asset for parents with young kids like Michael and I… or to get when you have first need a high chair so it can grow as your little one grows!

Georgia is now loving solids and she is quite a messy eater (like most 1 year olds) and she loves to do everything herself. I cringe whenever she takes the food from me because I really dislike cleaning up the mess. I know some parents don’t mind it but I find mealtime to be really stressful. Something that I love about the Connolly is that is has two trays that can be removed very easily to clean. The high chairs that we have had in the past have had only one 1 tray that removes or the tray doesn’t remove at all. So for all my mess fearing mamas out there, this high chair is for you!

My absolute FAVOURITE thing about this high chair is that the tray can swing open with the push of a button. It makes putting the kids in and taking them out of the high chair a breeze. With the push of the button you can easily take the cover off for washing, do the buckles up quickly, and clean the seat in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple!

We have been using the new Ingenuity 4-in-1 High Chair for a few weeks now and I’m so glad we were able to get rid of our old high chairs. The Connolly is aesthetically pleasing and every time I walk into the dining room I don’t feel like my house is overrun with kids stuff! I, honestly, love the high chair and recommend it to anyone in the market for a new high chair!

Click HERE to see more information about this high chair. 

Georgia’s Birth Story… a successful VBAC

Georgia’s Birth Story… a successful VBAC

Georgia Isabella Wigg
8lbs 1oz
20.8 inches

I don’t know what it is about Georgia’s labour and delivery but I haven’t wanted to write about it. When people ask me about it I don’t really want to talk about it either. It wasn’t a particularly bad labour… in fact it was much better than William’s labour was. (You can read about William’s birth story here.) William’s labour was over 27 hours and Georgia’s labour was just over 13 hours long. (And I’m hoping the next one is around 7 hours… and so on) I had back labour with both… and I don’t think Georgia’s back labour was any less painful, I was just able to endure the pain a bit better.

Georgia-BirthStory-13 copy 2

I woke up at 2:00am to go to the bathroom and I knew I was in labour… so naturally I took a few “in labour” selfies. When I got back into bed my contractions had started and I timed them for about an hour. They were around the 5 minute mark at this point. Lasting 30 seconds – 1 minute. William was tossing and turning in bed from the minute my contractions started. He just knew.

At about 3:20 I went into the tub. This was such a special moment for me. I lit candles and I was comfortable and welcoming these contractions. I was trying to get into the right mind frame for her drug free, vaginal birth after cesarean. I turned on a YouTube video for positive birth affirmations and I repeated them all in my head. The one that really stuck with me was “The power and intensity of my contraction cannot be stronger than me because it is me.”

I finished my lovely bath and started to do my makeup. These are things I wanted to do when I was in labour with William but the pain was horrific right from the beginning. Around 5am I called our birth photographer, Kristina Nichol, to let her know we were in labour and she quickly made her way to us. Michael had woken up by this time… he walked upstairs and gently said “are you in labour?” I giggled and said “yes!” And I just wanted to cry. My feelings were incredibly mixed. I was excited, scared, nervous and happy. But I didn’t know how to say anything. So I just spent a lot of time silently crying to myself… reminding myself that her birth wasn’t going to be like William’s birth. Her birth was her own. It was decided how she was going to arrive and all I could do was my best and be strong for her. 

Georgia-BirthStory-14 copy Georgia-BirthStory-11 copy

I called my doula, from Seed Holistic Birth, and midwife to let them know I was in labour around 5:30am. My midwife told me to call her when the contractions got a bit harder to handle (she had delivered a baby that morning… and the afternoon before!)

I remember sitting and bouncing on the exercise ball. Finding peace in the moment I was in, thankful that I could enjoy early labour… knowing this birth WOULD be different.

Georgia-BirthStory-35 copy

I wasn’t thinking about whether or not I would have to have a c-section at all during this time. It really didn’t cross my mind because it just wasn’t an option. I was scared of the pain but still, I welcomed it. This pain is good. It wasn’t stronger than me…. it was me. (On repeat in my head!)

By 7:30 one of my doula’s had shown up and I called my midwife to let her know I thought I was nearly in active labour. This cued a lot of emotions for me. I was scared to get checked. 1. Because I didn’t want to be touched and 2. Because I didn’t want to not be dilated. But I decided to be checked… knowing full well that it was my decision to do this and I didn’t feel pressured into it. And I was 4 cm and 5 during a contraction so I was well on my way to meeting Georgia girl! I wanted to go to the hospital at this point so I could go into the pool I had waiting for me there but my midwife wanted to wait until I was 6cm to go in.

Georgia-BirthStory-86 copy

At this point Michael and I went into the shower and he pushed on my back for every contraction. I cried. I squatted. We were excited. I was in pain. The water felt nice. It is so hard to put into words how I felt during my labour… there were so many feelings to feel and I was just trying to keep as calm as possible.

When it came time to see that I was 6cm the transition from home to hospital went quite quickly… faster than I would have liked. All of a sudden we had to go and I just wanted to stay a little longer. I just wasn’t ready to leave yet. I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be when it came to leaving William. I didn’t really think this would be the last time that we were a family of 3… but it was. I held him, I loved on him. But I wasn’t as “in the moment” as I wish I would have been… And it is something I regret.

When I was in the vehicle to the hospital my contractions really dulled. It was the most enjoyable car ride ever… I could breathe and know that I was safe. I was in labour. And I could do it. I was able to recharge a bit.

The SECOND we parked at the hospital the contractions were fierce. And I wasn’t so welcoming to them anymore because back labour sucks. I walked up 1 flight of stairs and did lunges on my way up (because I wanted a workout… JOKES) so I could hopefully turn her because she was posterior, like her big bro. I feel like I’ve been cursed with the back labour curse. Is that a thing?

Reminder: I had sprained my ankle a week before and I was in a lot of pain… but I somehow forgot all about it when labour started!

I walked into room 10 at the south health hospital. The very same room I trialled labour with William. I had a bit of an excited and emotional moment knowing I couldn’t redo William’s birth but I can do my best to not have the same outcome.

Georgia-BirthStory-156 copy

I was put on continuous monitoring right away. I was really happy about this because I wanted to hear that Georgia was okay the whole time. One less thing for me to worry about!

The hospital time was quite a blur for me. I remember how much I needed Michael. He once left to go to the bathroom and I thought I was going to cry (but it’s impossible for me to cry when in active labour because my body won’t let you use energy for useless shit, haha!). Michael and I were in such a better place than when I was in labour with William. We did some counselling with our doulas just before giving birth to Georgia. We were on the same page. We promised each other (again) that we want to be doing life together. That we are in this together… and it strengthened our relationship in so many ways.

My sister went on a wild goose chase getting me food. I asked for ginger ale, candy and food for michael. I ate a bunch of candy to keep my energy up but despite the sugar, I kept passing out during contractions. My eyes would roll into the back of my head and all I wanted was to sleep. I was strong. But I felt weak and exhausted. I just wanted 1 hour to sleep so I could rest… or even just more than a few minutes in between contractions so I could recharge. The pain was intense. When I was 9cm dilated I remember thinking to myself “I wonder if I took a whole bunch of Tylenol if that would help the pain” hahahah. And that was the only time I thought about pain meds. They simply were NOT an option this time around. Last time as soon as intervention started (pitocin to get things moving because I was strep B positive) things went down hill for my likelihood of having a vaginal birth.

At this point I was repeating “I can’t do it.” “I don’t want to do this.” This is when Michael got scared… And this is when my doulas knew I was so close… I was in transition. I didn’t actually think I couldn’t do it. I just meant that I was so exhausted I didn’t know how I would possibly be able to continue without rest. But then you transition and you get a huge burst of energy (or at least I did).

With William, my waters broke immediately when I went into labour. This time my waters hadn’t broken and that was stopping me from progressing to be able to push because there wasn’t enough pressure on my cervix. So I made the conscious decision to have my waters broken… after talking it through with Michael.

Then I was 10cm. Then I was 9.75. Then 10. Then 9.85, etc. I had a “lip” on my cervix that would keep appearing so my midwife had to push it back when I was pushing. To be honest, it felt way better when she would push it back as opposed to when she wouldn’t.

I felt confident in my pushes. They were strong and determined. They would say “you’re doing so well” and I felt good UNTIL they told me they could see the head. I was like are you fucking kidding me! “THAT’S IT?!” I’ve pushed this long and hard and her head is barely there? I asked to see and they wheeled in a huge mirror for me. And that was AMAZING. It was exactly what I needed to see because I could see that every single one of my pushes was making a difference. She was slowly, but surely, coming out vaginally. I was doing it. Then out of all the haze and exhaustion I was able to push her head out. My midwife quickly unwrapped the cord from around her neck, my photographer snapped a few photos. And at 3:15 I was able to push her whole body out. “I did it. I did it. I did it”. X a billion. My mom could hear from outside the room that she was born because I wouldn’t stop saying it! Lol

Georgia-BirthStory-381 copy

We did immediate, uninterrupted skin-to-skin for an HOUR. During this time Georgia and I bonded and she latched for the first time while I was getting stitched up from my second degree tear.

I wanted to do expectant management of my placenta but I was gushing blood and before I knew it I was getting oxytocin to stop my postpartum hemorrhage. It was oxytocin or the medical team had to come in and intervene. But my midwife was able to get the bleed under control. I am so thankful for modern medicine when it’s necessary!

The hardest part of the day was when we went to leave the hospital, 2.5 hours post birth. I have never felt so weak in my entire life. I had to show that I could pee before being discharged and getting up to pee and walk and get photos taken was absolutely horrible. I could barely breathe, I was gushing blood… I thought my butt hole was going to fall out. (Too much info? Not sorry. This is real life folks!)

Birth is so hard. It’s something that should be celebrated. Mothers should be praised for their hard work! I’m so thankful that I had a supportive team that really knew what I wanted and what I needed. They respected me. They worshiped me. I was a birthing goddess in their eyes. We should all be thought of in this way!

I spent over 100 hours listening to birthing podcasts. I researched and researched. I went to a pregnancy retreat to heal my traumas from William’s birth. Michael and I had to work on our marriage. I had a supportive team. I was confident in every decision I made. I was informed. I was strong. I was determined. And all of that lead to me being able to have VBAC!!!

You can view Georgia’s Birth Video HERE.

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My favourite things: Owlet Smart Sock 2

My favourite things: Owlet Smart Sock 2
When Owlet Care first contacted me about trying out their product I was beyond thrilled. There are so many things parents worry about with a new baby and the Owlet Smart Sock 2 can help alleviate so many of those worries. I knew that one blog post outlining some the features of the Sock wouldn’t be enough because I also wanted to tell you about some of my favourite way we incorporate our Owlet Sock into our day.
A day in the life of Georgia and the Owlet Sock:
The morning is the only time I can leave Georgia sleeping in our room and she is happy to be left alone #mamasgirl. She wakes up to feed around 7:00am and likes to sleep in till about 10:00am. I absolutely wish I could stay in bed with her and sleep until 10, but I have William… a busy toddler that loves to wake up and get going with his day. So we go into the kitchen, I bring the baby monitor to listen for Georgia and we start making breakfast. BUT the thing about a baby monitor is you can only hear when the baby is making noise. What scares me the most is the time when the baby isn’t making noise.
I constantly have my phone on me, like most other parents, so I can easily check my Owlet App to see how her heart rate and oxygen levels are doing. In the mornings when I haven’t heard her make noise for a while, panic rushes over me and I quickly open the app to read the words “readings normal” and I breath a sigh of relief. And we continue with making breakfast and we can enjoy our mom and son time because I know Georgia is sleeping soundly.
As many of you know, my husband works out of town. I have lots of help from my sister but she works sporadic shift work and sometimes I am alone to do the bedtime routine with both of the kids. If Georgia is content and sleeping I don’t like to wake her up (because it’s a miracle) so it is nice to know that William and I can sneak downstairs for his bedtime routine and I can have the app open to her readings and I can check in on her at any time… even while cuddling William in bed.
Night time is the scariest time for me. Georgia has had 3 red notifications go off (which happens when heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside the preset zones). All 3 of these notifications occurred because of a high heart rate level, which is designed to notify you if the heart rate exceeds 220bpm. This alarm is loud enough to wake you up from a dead sleep so I jump up, turn the lights on and immediately check to make sure she is normal colour and breathing. I open the app up to check out her oxygen and heart rate levels. Once I establish that everything is okay I cuddle her and thank God she is safe. 
Because the product is designed by parents, who know the worry of getting false notifications, it’s designed with different color and sounds for notifications. For example, if the sock isn’t getting a proper reading because of sock placement, I get a yellow notification (with a corresponding ‘lullaby-like’ sound) that the Sock isn’t on correctly. You can read more about the features of the Owlet Sock here.
Every time this red notification goes off it scares the crap out of me… Then I ask myself if I want to be notified if something happens and it is a false alarm and it all turns out to be okay in the end? Yes. Yes is my answer BECAUSE I would rather be woken up and everything be okay than NOT be notified when she needs me the absolute most. I am brought to tears at the thought of it. I am grateful to have the Owlet as an extra set of eyes helping watch over Georgia.
I love that Owlet Care genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our children. Absolutely, without a doubt, nothing else matters more than our children’s safety. I know we can all agree on that. So yes, I do recommend the Owlet Sock.
You can buy the Owlet Smart Sock 2 here.
You can view their instagram here.
This post is sponsored by Owlet – but the peace of mind
and opinions shared are all my own. 

Owlet Smart Sock 2

Owlet Smart Sock 2

BEFORE camper renos

BEFORE camper renos

Our trailer is an 2011 Open Range 427 BHS – 42.7 ft long 457sq ft. It has 5 slides and it can comfortably sleep 7 people (and lots of space for playpens). 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath.


We wanted to make it a space where we can get together and spend real family time together, with no distractions. I want to get a big piece of artwork to cover up the massive TV in the kitchen/living room so we don’t see it and want to watch movies constantly.

These photos were taken on a crappy day outside with little sun. With that being said, it was DARK in the trailer even on sunny days. We have already started painting inside and it looks absolutely incredible. Even on gloomy days its bright inside.

*Sorry for the flash in some photos… it was a pretty crappy day outside*

We wanted to take out those lounger chairs and replace them with a built in bench seating dinette. We haven’t been able to find a table that we love with the right dimensions so Michael is going to build us a custom table, on a budget! The wine wrack and extra storage had to go. It took up a lot of space and closed the room off as soon as you stepped inside the trailer. We are going to replace the cabinet with open shelving that we can display plants, artwork, coffee cups, bowls, etc. on. Inside the bench seating Michael is going to make storage containers for the shelving items when we travel.

Looking at this living/dining space makes me cringe. It took about 3 seconds the decide this layout out not work for us. It’s cramped and looks like a way older trailer than it is. Michael is making us a day bed that will fit our good quality single mattress so we can comfortably lounge and have an extra bed. We need new lighting because 1. the lighting doesn’t match and 2. the plastic looks less than lovely. We will be replacing (or eliminating) the not so nice curtain that are actually much darker than these photos show. I am going to figure out how poor of a DIY girl I actually am by making my own valances… wish me luck.

I know this kitchen isn’t awful. Maybe some of you are looking at it wondering why I would change anything. But it is so far from my style and I don’t think it matches. Why oh why are there two toned cabinets? Seriously it has driven me crazy since the first time I saw it. I wanted to lighten the space up because it looks so dark and cramped. And my motivation to cook in there right now is zippo. We want to replace the counter tops but that will have to wait for another year and another dollar because it just isn’t in the budget this year.

Our spare bedroom/bunkhouse/office needs some major TLC. But for now, it’s going to stay how it is… until next year probably. What we really need to do is get new mattresses so our company doesn’t break their back *not* sleeping on trailer mattresses! We will paint a light colour to lighten everything up. We will probably keep the office desk for Michael to do work on or store some of Williams things. But that being said I don’t want a lot of clutter so that space is really undecided.

The bunkhouse has a guest bathroom attached to it. You can enter from the outside so we are going to do something to lock the door from the inside for extra safety for when William is sleeping in there. We might work on bathrooms while camping this summer. They will be smaller projects to spruce up. But for now we haven’t started on either because the living room, kitchen and master bedroom are our priority.

When you walk in the “front door” you can turn left to get to the kitchen or right to get to the master bathroom and bedroom. Hilarious to say that this trailer has an ensuite but alas, we went full out. To try and convince me that we should buy the trailer Michael deemed the storage and mirror space my “getting ready” area. I think we will eventually put in a tub for the kiddos but that’s not going to happen this summer. Partially because I’m 32 weeks pregnant and also because this reno is already costing a lot of money.

That headboard… seriously. It makes me giggle looking at it. Also, that TV did not need to be in the master bedroom of a TRAILER. If it’s rainy we want to cuddle up to a movie we will use our laptop. But for now, we don’t see the need to have a TV in our bedroom… we don’t have one in our house now so I doubt we will need it in our summer camping trailer. We need to get a new bedspread and some pretty pillows and artwork for this room. I am so excited to have my babies cuddle up with me in this king size bed this summer.