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Nungnung Waterfall with our Lillebaby Carrier

Let me start by saving we didn’t do much research about the Nungnung Waterfall before our driver took us there… I googled a photo of it and said “SURE, it looks gorgeous, let’s go!” I wasn’t mentally prepared for over 500 gigantic, uneven stairs down to the waterfall…. or the 500+ stairs to get back up to the top. The good news is that we both had our carriers! Michael carried William in our new LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier and thank goodness we packed it because we were anticipating a “10 minute walk” and ended up doing 1,000+ steps…..


We quite honestly could not have made it to see the gorgeous waterfall without our carriers. It started raining (torrential downpour) as soon as we got out of the car. William, who had fallen asleep on the car ride to the waterfall, seamlessly transferred into our LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier. One thing we love so much about this carrier is the structure of it. You can put your babe in it and know they are secure…. unlike the carrier I had Geogria in because I had to keep adjusting her position as she moved. And because it was raining, the fabric of the carrier that I had Georgia in was changing a bit as it got wet. With a structured carrier like LÍLLÉbaby Complete Carrier you can rest, or hike, assured that your baby is snug as a bug in there.

While I was climbed down and (then later) back up what we called the “dinosaur” steps I kept telling myself I could do it because I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (pre-children that is). I felt like I signed up for a marathon when I thought I was going to walk a 5km… perfect comparison, not an exaggeration in the slightest. If you were to ask Michael if he thought it was hard I’m sure he would say it wasn’t. He offered to carry all three of us more than once. Cue me saying * “I climbed Kilimanjaro, I can climb up these Dino steps” *

Anyways. I couldn’t walk for 2 (but actually 3) days because I was so sore.

The steps were uneven and moss covered so it was a bit slippery. We were both happy to carry the kids “hands free” in case we needed some extra support on the slippery steps. The staircase was handmade and there was greenery all over it because there is so much life on this Island. There are so many hidden gems that are off the beaten track so you will need to step outside of your comfort zone to really experience what a new country has to offer. Definitely make sure you have a good carrier like the LÍLLÉbaby!

The route to get to the waterfall is breathtaking, pun intended. But truly, it is so worth the trip just to see the views along the way. There were beautiful luscious trees and small waterfalls accompanied by birds chirping and endless greenery.  We could count on our hands how many different groups of people we saw during out entire time there… it is very secluded and peaceful. At one point we had the entire waterfall to ourselves. It was an unforgettable moment.

All in all, carriers are necessary when traveling in Bali… and although we have only been to a few different countries as a family of four, I can say for certain a great carrier is a must in a place like this. We didn’t bring a stroller because the roads are not designed for them. To be quite honest, the roads have many holes in them for water drainage and some can be 4 feet wide so you will need to be able to safely maneuver onto the busy road. A carrier like this will be your best friend when traveling with kids!!!!

A few things you should know about the LÍLLÉbaby Complete is:

  • It is ideal for infants to toddlers (7lbs to 45 lbs) and William and Geogria both fit perfectly into that weight range.
  • 6-Carrying positions
  • No need for an infant insert
  • Unique Lumbar support for comfortability – Michael took this off because of the heat. In the winter he loves it because it keeps his back from getting cold (it is really important to keep his back from getting cold and seizing up because of his injury)
  • Two-way straps that can be worn crossed or backpack style
  • Adjustable neck support and sleep hood cover
  • Large zippered pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Machine Washable
  • Recognized as a “Hip Healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Committee
  • All Seasons – temperature control panel.

As a lot of you know, Michael works away most of the year. When he is home he does his best to connect with the kids. Ever since they were babies he would use a carrier and do skin-to-skin with them around the house. Skin-to-skin is so important for baby’s health, bonding and so many other reasons so it has always been a priority to Michael.  He has always preferred a structured carrier because it is better on his back. A carrier like this would be great for a dad who is busy but wants the kids to be involved! William has spent countless hours in the garage with Michael, having dad and son time, while Michael is still getting things done!

Below are a few other precious moments in our carrier.
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xo, from Bali…

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