My honest review of our new Ingenuity 4-in-1 High Chair from Babies R Us Canada.

It’s true when they say that the FedEx truck is like Christmas morning for adults… especially when you get packages in the mail from Babies R Us Canada. I’ve partnered with them to give you real, honest and authentic reviews over the course of the next few months and I am so excited to share my first review with you! It is on the Connolly Smart Serve 4-1 High Chair and I’m going to share with you my three favourite things about it!:

  • booster seat capability
  • 2 trays that remove for easy cleaning
  • tray swings open in the push of button.

When Michael and I first realized that this high chair is actually for Georgia and William to use at the same time we were pretty excited… There are 4 different ways to use the hair chair and we use the “high chair” seat option AND the “booster” that can be pulled right up to our table. It’s important to note that every piece all the high chair can be stored if you wish to just use the Connolly in the high chair position. We are working towards a simple and minimalistic lifestyle (and life) so extra parts hanging around wouldn’t work for us; all these parts can be stored directly in the high chair itself, which is awesome!

One of our recent parenting challenges has been when it comes to meal time and William wants to get up from the table half way through… I told Michael we needed a booster seat for William and without knowing it, it was already on its way! This high chair is a great asset for parents with young kids like Michael and I… or to get when you have first need a high chair so it can grow as your little one grows!

Georgia is now loving solids and she is quite a messy eater (like most 1 year olds) and she loves to do everything herself. I cringe whenever she takes the food from me because I really dislike cleaning up the mess. I know some parents don’t mind it but I find mealtime to be really stressful. Something that I love about the Connolly is that is has two trays that can be removed very easily to clean. The high chairs that we have had in the past have had only one 1 tray that removes or the tray doesn’t remove at all. So for all my mess fearing mamas out there, this high chair is for you!

My absolute FAVOURITE thing about this high chair is that the tray can swing open with the push of a button. It makes putting the kids in and taking them out of the high chair a breeze. With the push of the button you can easily take the cover off for washing, do the buckles up quickly, and clean the seat in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple!

We have been using the new Ingenuity 4-in-1 High Chair for a few weeks now and I’m so glad we were able to get rid of our old high chairs. The Connolly is aesthetically pleasing and every time I walk into the dining room I don’t feel like my house is overrun with kids stuff! I, honestly, love the high chair and recommend it to anyone in the market for a new high chair!

Click HERE to see more information about this high chair. 

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