Canggu with kids.

We have a fantastic babysitter in the Canggu area.
Send me a message if you want her contact information!
She was referred by a friend I met here and she was awesome.
($5.00 an hour)

Photo taken at Sakti Healing.


Canggu is about an hour or so from Denpasar airport. It is a surf town. I thought it would be nice for us to be by the beach when we first arrived in Bali… but it is a surf town for a reason. The waves have been HUGE. I was worried standing in them while holding Georgia. The current is strong so I wouldn’t suggest coming here for a “beach” vacation. In total we will be here for 13 days and I would suggest quite a bit less if you have kids… about 3 days.

Vegan food is quite easy to find here… BUT sometimes people say things are vegan when they are actually vegetarian so read carefully and ask questions.

It is good to note that food was more expensive than we expected it to be and we have heard from others that Canggu is a bit more expensive in general. I look at decor before sitting down to eat because it is something that is important to me. You are also paying for the free wifi that is available… and for nicer bathrooms which is really important for me because William is potty trained now!

*** all of these places were really great with William and Georgia. We have found that people love when you bring kids around!!!!***

Date Nights:

Coffee & Coconuts:
Such a lovely atmosphere. A perfect date night. If you go before March 2019 there is a free cocktail during happy hour. The food was incredible. I ordered the Labu Salad… it doesn’t have raw lettuce but it is cooked and so worth trying!!!

The staff at MyWarung in Canggu hosted my family and I for dinner. They have super tasty food. I had the vegan curry and it was declious… Georgia ate about half of it!

YUM. You definitely have to go!!! So delicious. One of our top favourite restaurants in Canggu. Our kids were quite upset when we went here and I wish we would have gone on a date instead… Either way, go! The food is just so good!


Kids Play Areas:

The Joglo:
Mike LOVED his vegan cap cay soup. They play a movie on Friday nights starting at 6pm for the kids. You can eat in the room or the staff is so helpful and will let you know if the kids need you. There is a large outdoor play place there for the kids to run around on while you’re eating!

There is a little section for the kids to play here. The chickpea hash browns were like a healthy version of McDonalds hash browns. It is located right next to the Garden Early Learning Centre. There are drop in classes for moms/dads&tots. We didn’t try them but we know of people who have.

La Casita:
A must with kids. The outdoor play place is HUGE. It wasn’t my favourite place to eat but it is nice to eat while your kids play!!


Bang For Your Buck:

A MUST. It is all vegan, all the time. Not for profit and you decide where you want your money to go towards from the 3 charities they have chosen. The meal portions are huge and the food is incredible. Put this one at the top of your list!!!

Hungry Bird:
Super cheap and delicious breakfast. We ordered oatmeal for the kids and they were SO happy to have something simple. Be careful, it comes with butter in it so make sure you as for it without if you’re vegan.

Molena Juice:
A little store front run by a mom who has her cute baby running around wearing a diaper. She charges $15000 (less than $1.50) for juice. Juice is a lot more expensive here than we thought…. You’re looking at an average of $3.50+ for a juice that gets watered down. You can find this on road Ji. Raya Semat and between Gang Jalak 17 & 18.


Things You Must Do:

Check out the Sakti Healing Shop. It is a healing store full of Crystals and beautiful jewelry. I had a Reiki session with the owner, Chelsea, and it was ah-mazing! This is a must! I also bought my new favourite ring from her store. Adorable.

Get an IV from the Dose. We were suffering from the flu once we arrived and did it ever help! We got the Ultimate and it was full of antioxidants and vitamins. I also got a pain killer in mine because I partially separated my shoulder the day before. We paid about $150.00CAD (1.5million) to get this. It is expensive but at some point you will probably need it in Bali. It is great for food poisoning, Bali belly, Dengue fever and more. Definitely keep this in mind! They travel to you and they were so so so friendly.

Get a reflexology treatment. We were seeing a guy at Medina Therapy for about $6.50 for half an hour. He is a few doors down from Molena Juice so make sure you go there to get some juice after. He is strong and it does hurt a bit but amazing. We came to Bali specifically for healing so reiki and reflexology and intuitive healers are a MUST in our books.

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