My favourite things: Owlet Smart Sock 2

When Owlet Care first contacted me about trying out their product I was beyond thrilled. There are so many things parents worry about with a new baby and the Owlet Smart Sock 2 can help alleviate so many of those worries. I knew that one blog post outlining some the features of the Sock wouldn’t be enough because I also wanted to tell you about some of my favourite way we incorporate our Owlet Sock into our day.
A day in the life of Georgia and the Owlet Sock:
The morning is the only time I can leave Georgia sleeping in our room and she is happy to be left alone #mamasgirl. She wakes up to feed around 7:00am and likes to sleep in till about 10:00am. I absolutely wish I could stay in bed with her and sleep until 10, but I have William… a busy toddler that loves to wake up and get going with his day. So we go into the kitchen, I bring the baby monitor to listen for Georgia and we start making breakfast. BUT the thing about a baby monitor is you can only hear when the baby is making noise. What scares me the most is the time when the baby isn’t making noise.
I constantly have my phone on me, like most other parents, so I can easily check my Owlet App to see how her heart rate and oxygen levels are doing. In the mornings when I haven’t heard her make noise for a while, panic rushes over me and I quickly open the app to read the words “readings normal” and I breath a sigh of relief. And we continue with making breakfast and we can enjoy our mom and son time because I know Georgia is sleeping soundly.
As many of you know, my husband works out of town. I have lots of help from my sister but she works sporadic shift work and sometimes I am alone to do the bedtime routine with both of the kids. If Georgia is content and sleeping I don’t like to wake her up (because it’s a miracle) so it is nice to know that William and I can sneak downstairs for his bedtime routine and I can have the app open to her readings and I can check in on her at any time… even while cuddling William in bed.
Night time is the scariest time for me. Georgia has had 3 red notifications go off (which happens when heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside the preset zones). All 3 of these notifications occurred because of a high heart rate level, which is designed to notify you if the heart rate exceeds 220bpm. This alarm is loud enough to wake you up from a dead sleep so I jump up, turn the lights on and immediately check to make sure she is normal colour and breathing. I open the app up to check out her oxygen and heart rate levels. Once I establish that everything is okay I cuddle her and thank God she is safe. 
Because the product is designed by parents, who know the worry of getting false notifications, it’s designed with different color and sounds for notifications. For example, if the sock isn’t getting a proper reading because of sock placement, I get a yellow notification (with a corresponding ‘lullaby-like’ sound) that the Sock isn’t on correctly. You can read more about the features of the Owlet Sock here.
Every time this red notification goes off it scares the crap out of me… Then I ask myself if I want to be notified if something happens and it is a false alarm and it all turns out to be okay in the end? Yes. Yes is my answer BECAUSE I would rather be woken up and everything be okay than NOT be notified when she needs me the absolute most. I am brought to tears at the thought of it. I am grateful to have the Owlet as an extra set of eyes helping watch over Georgia.
I love that Owlet Care genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our children. Absolutely, without a doubt, nothing else matters more than our children’s safety. I know we can all agree on that. So yes, I do recommend the Owlet Sock.
You can buy the Owlet Smart Sock 2 here.
You can view their instagram here.
This post is sponsored by Owlet – but the peace of mind
and opinions shared are all my own. 

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