Gender Reveal

Before we get to the most exciting news of this whole blog post I wanted to tell you all why we decided to find out the sex of the baby this time. With William, we waited till he was born to find out if he was a girl or a boy.

I thought William was a girl for most of my pregnancy, probably up until the last 2 days then I just had no clue! We were excited to wait to find out, thinking the excitement of not knowing would get us through the pain of childbirth… But there were so many ups and downs in his birth story and I felt extremely unprepared. I really DID expect once they pulled him out of me (via c-section) that my husband was going to say we had a healthy beautiful baby girl. Although healthy and beautiful, I had a baby boy. I felt shocked, blindsided and a bit upset that I didn’t even know if I had a son growing inside of me for that past 9 months.

I think a lot of those feelings were to do with being in labour for over a day and ended in a c-section. FACT: My husband and I actually wanted our first born to be a son, so we are absolutely beyond thrilled that “it” turned out to be a HE. But, that being said, I thought I knew my body. I thought I was in tune with my emotions, feelings and intuition.

Then when I held William for the first time when I was on the operating table I thought I was going to drop him… I was so weak I told (whoever I said it to because its all a blur) that I needed someone to take him. My hearing went and I thought I was going to faint/puke or both. Neither ended up happening but with all the chaos of my sons unexpected “emergency” section, I felt completely lost. So out of touch with who I thought I was, what I was capable of and so far away from our planned home birth.

I thought I was prepared to bring our first born into this world and I was so sadly mistaken. I knew next to nothing about birth b u t I have used William’s birth as a learning tool for all of our births to come! This is why we decided to find out the sex of the baby… we wanted to be prepared. As prepared as one can be for labour and delivery, that is.

I thought our second born was going to be a boy as well. It was just my feeling from the beginning. I would laugh and say that since I think it is a boy…. it must be a girl!

Having another boy would be so incredible. We hit the freaking jackpot with William and I would love to have another boy for him to play with. Truthfully, I thought it would be easier to have another boy. Mainly because the economy is in the crapper (anyone else live in Alberta?!) and buying girl things would just add the the stress of this hard time. I can’t be the only one who has thought this way… right? Just tryna be truthful here, ya’llll.

But I think almost every mama wants a girl, just like nearly every daddy wants a boy! It’s not wrong or bad, it just is. We have a boy to carry on our family name and I eventually wanted a little girl to dress up and put little top knots in her hair (my hubs isn’t keen on me doing that to William but I am growing his hair out anyways!!!)

I want both. Another boy. And a little girl. And probably another boy and another girl after that. I want so many babies!!!!

I have felt pretty good throughout this pregnancy but there have been differences from my pregnancy with William. The 3 most noticable differences are 1. I had a line nigra line all the way up to my ribs around 12 weeks with William, I am 20 weeks and still don’t have one with this pregnancy. 2. My acne stopped in my second trimester with William and it has fiercely continued throughout this whole pregnancy so far. 3. My sex drive is actually existent this pregnancy, hence wanting to have all of Michael’s babies.

So folks. Here it is.

We are going to be welcoming the sweetest little girl into our family of 4 in June. I am balling writing this, if you want to know. We have a sweet, kind and gentle little boy and we have such a special, calm and wanted baby girl on the way to make our life even brighter!! A GIRL, our very own little girl.


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One thought on “Gender Reveal

  1. My husband and I chose to find out the gender when the doctor could tell us with the ultra sound. I think with our next child I’ll do a gender reveal for friends and family, but I couldn’t bare the suspense of waiting until delivery to find out for myself. I really enjoy reading about you family. I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.


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